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As A Certified Corporate Etiquette And International Protocol Expert, Joy’s Programs Increase Corporate Profitability By Creating A Positive & Productive Work Environment And By Reducing Customer & Employee Turnover.

A study by Harvard Business School determined that
“85% of our successes are due to our personal skills”

Program Benefits:

Joy’s programs will generate immediate positive results, both professionally and individually.

 Corporate/Business Owners Will See Immediate Results With:

  • A more positive and productive work environment.
  • Reduced turnover (40% of people leave their jobs because of the people they work with daily).
  • Significantly improved customer retention (68% of all customers change companies because of poor customer care).
  • Increased profitability (it costs over five times as much to get a new customer as it does to save a current customer).

Individuals Will Become:

  • More confident in ALL situations.
  • More at ease with yourself and others.
  • An exceptional team member.
  • More successful professionally and personally.

More About Joy and Her Programs:

Joy Weaver is a certified business protocol and etiquette expert, customer service and communication specialist, author of top selling book, Socially Savvy, which is highly endorsed by Zig Ziglar, guest columinist for a number of national publications, and highly sought after and respected TV personality.

Her sessions are:

  • High energy & fun.
  • Informative and life changing.
  • Generate immediate positive financial results.
  • Supported by business etiquette & social protocol book: Socially Savvy, a quick reference of “Power Tips” and “Faux Pas to Avoid” in 52 common business and social situations.

Contact Joy now to polish your team, both personally and professionally! More about Joy Weaver

“We are all like diamonds, we all have a basic value. But it is not until we are polished that our true worth is really recognized.”


Regent University: Christian Leadership to Change The World

"There is a saying: When you feel special your performance improves!
In this case my performance should be over the top.

"A very special thank you to Regent University for featuring me
alongside an exceptionally high profile group of speakers. I am beyond
honored, thrilled and grateful."

Featured among a group of notable speakers: Steve Forbes, CEO of
Forbes Magazine and twice presidential hopeful; Corbin Bernsen, Accomplished Actor; Dr. Ben Carson, Renowned Neurosurgeon and presidential hopeful; Gov. Mike Huckabee, Politician, FOX News Host,
Minister, and presidential hopeful.