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A study by the Harvard Business School determined that “85% of our successes are due to our personal skills.”

Joy will help businesses and their employees achieve successes. She will help your business thrive by teaching interpersonal and social skills to a wide range of audiences.



Employees need help learning proper business etiquette. From boardrooms and lunch meetings to first impressions and making an entrance, Joy can help your business thrive.


Joy’s university program can help graduating students with acing interviews and excelling in a workplace setting. All you need is a little polishing.


Churches and other nonprofits touch wide-ranging cultures, whether visiting other countries or interacting with donors all over the world—they too need proper protocol.

I highly endorse Joy Weaver as a professionally certified etiquette and protocol expert, trainer, and speaker. Joy’s sessions are high energy, fun, and filled with valuable information needed by people in all walks of life. I encourage you to put her timeless techniques into practice and if you do. . . I truly will See You At The Top!
— Zig Ziglar

Business professionals need polishing.


Whether it’s learning boardroom etiquette, table manners for those important dinner deals, or tech etiquette—how do you answer that angry email?—Joy can coach any professional in any setting.


First Impressions & Mingle-ability

Don’t let bad boardroom etiquette from one of your employees ruin a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Dining Etiquette

Are your employees’ social skills disrupting a productive workflow? Joy can help.

Attire & Body Language

Business professionals need to look sharp—but they need to know what’s sharp for each audience.

Tech Etiquette

The Harvard Business Review wrote that poor writing and tech manners can negatively affect productivity.

Millennial students are joining the workforce—are they ready?


With Joy’s university sessions, she trains today’s young people the do’s and don’ts of workplace etiquette. From employment prep to business protocol, she is training an entire generation.



Employment Prep

Acing that interview is scary, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s hard work too, but it can lead to a lifetime of success.

Sorority Savvy

Sororities have decades of tradition and etiquette. From dressing, speaking, and dining appropriately to leaving school with honor, let Joy polish your sorority.

After Graduation

So, you’ve graduated. Now what? Joy can show you how to navigate your way through the real world.

Organizations live and die by relationships.


Joy has spent years helping churches and other nonprofit organizations better their relationships and networks. They eat, sleep, and breathe networking—whether it’s donors to sustain growth or volunteers to drive the work, Joy strengthens those relationships to make your organization thrive.

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National Charity League

Whether it’s helping with young leaders or developing community involvement, Joy will help train your chapter.



Churches large and small need the relational capital to keep going, and Joy will help you grow and thrive.

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Digging water wells in Africa? Proper etiquette can dig a well of gratitude with your donor base.

Read Socially Savvy. Be socially savvy.


In a world where rudeness runs rampant—and manners, etiquette, and civility have been left behind—nationally renowned etiquette expert Joy Weaver draws from her Christian faith, extensive research, and good old-fashioned common sense to present a quick reference of manners, etiquette tips, and faux pas to avoid—presenting you with the career you’ve always wanted.



Joy’s easy-to-read book of lists is broken into three sections: business, social, and manners for minors. Socially Savvy is highly endorsed by Zig Ziglar and covers everything from business situations to social settings, from wedding tips to funeral faux pas, and from tipping properly to dressing for success. Socially Savvy is an excellent resource for all ages.

About the Author

As the vice president of a national company, Joy was asked to teach a class in etiquette. In preparation, she took an etiquette class. It changed her life.

Realizing how much people really don’t know about this subject, she started her own etiquette business.

She is certified by the Letitia Baldrige’s program and the Protocol School of Washington D.C. as an International and Corporate Etiquette Expert. She appears regularly on regional and national television. Read more.

We are all like diamonds—we all have a basic value. But it is not until we are polished that our true worth is really recognized.
— Joy Weaver